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4 Simple ways to take your Power back with YOUR energy!

Power and Energy are two incredible life shifting forces which we always have access to; they operate through and within us. I truly believe, it is in how we use both of these forces and understand what they really are, which determines our experiences and ultimately the effect they can have within our lives.

When there is so much distraction, sometimes noise and most recently chaos in our external world (which leads to internal noise and chaos), there has never been more of a crucial time to become familiar with our own Power and Energy, so that we have direct them to create the best experiences we not only desire, but are born to feel and have access to. That is not to say all of life is sunshine and roses, that would be a lie and another illusion. However, when it does pour, often the soul lessons present themselves like rainbows once the much needed release of our pain has taken place. It is when our pain turns to suffering through our lack of awareness of how much Power and Energy we do hold within us to create simple small changes.

So with that, this transmission is a reminder to know that you, Golden One, have a power within you, a Light that shines, even in the darkness and even on the toughest of days. It is here you can use your free will to shine some light through your choices, instead of relying on outside sources to constantly have your sense of wellbeing waver from all the attention and energy you have been giving away to things and people outside of yourself. On the toughest of those days, please be reminded of just these four simple ways you can at the very least protect, preserve and manage your energy with the intention of not adding any further heaviness to what you may be feeling or moving through.

You may have heard the phrase, 'where your attention goes, your energy flows.' This to me has been one of the most impactful, yet simple notions that has helped me shift my energy through my own awareness of where I am choosing to place it. In the moment, in can seem like watching just a little more TV or going down the rabbit hole on Instagram, or engaging in heavy conversation 'just happened' but the reality is, it is actually all a choice. It be due to old habits, forms of distraction and wanting to instantly feel good on a superficial level, but if you notice how you feel, your body feels, your mind and your energy after an over indulgence of all these things, you will feel lethargic, depleted, anxious, maybe even stressed as your thoughts are probably centred on all you have now consumed and absorbed.

The premise here is not to blame yourself, taunt yourself for what you did wrong, but to lovingly have awareness, during the moment or even afterwards, as this is the process of you becoming aware of where the energy leaks have taken place and then to choose accordingly to aid in the shifting of your frequency. This is a practice, which in itself is a process of becoming aware and inhabiting our awareness, until the choices we make take a different turn altogether, creating new habits and behaviours centred on a greater love for yourself and how you feel. So the key here is wanting to feel better, being ready for change and then only then I believe these simple ways will work effectively for you. Remember, we can only try our best, with each day, one moment at a time.

So here are my 4 simple ways to take your Power back with the direction of your energy.

  1. Grounding in a Rising Ritual and practices

Having a rising ritual is all about bringing conscious thoughts and actions aligned with your preferred belief system, to your day, first thing as you rise. However, this is less about the 'what you are doing' element and more about the energy or the consciousness of which you do it with. It's important that you are in alignment with what feels true and right for you, not doing what you 'think' you need to do here, as every rising ritual is personal to the one in this sacred space. It is what FEELS right for you.

The second element to be aware of is being aware of your intentions.The Universe speaks through intentions, not your feelings and emotions. So for example, even if your are confused about what to do perse but your intention is on inner peace, as you begin your ritual, your energy has a direction to flow into, from you centering your thoughts, your wishes your intentions for the purposes of cultivating some inner peace. In this way, you are practicing the direct connection between setting an intention and allowing your energy to be directed and by the laws of nature, this is what the fruits or effect will be (the manifestation) in the most perfect way for you. Now of course, if you step into this practice and don't believe you deserve to feel peace, you will be constantly battling an invisible enemy. Your subconscious is a very powerful thing and so addressing why you feel that sense of unworthiness to feel peace, will help you alleviate the resistances that once stood in the way and you will be able to move through this practice with ease and joy. This is further highlighting how powerful your energy is!

Stay committed to your rising ritual once you know what works for you. This is your way of giving yourself what you need, in the way you need it, knowing the outcome is going to provide you with a sustained feeling of being 'full' without relying on old habits, patterns and distraction first thing as you rise. This may be a new way of being for some, but once you experience what it means to take stock of the way you rise, the tone and energy you begin your day with, the thoughts, feelings and beliefs you fill yourself up internally from a source that is constantly within you, you will NOT want to turn back and fall into being controlled or manipulated by external sources, especially as you start your day! You are the creator of your reality, allow the Universal energies that exist within you to anchor in and multiply the energy of Love, Peace and Abundance within you.

2. Be mindful of what you are consuming

As we all know our nutrition and health is paramount to our wellbeing and overall health, however, in an age when technology and information is at our fingertips, you will know it is important for us to limit or be mindful of what we are consuming from your phone and TV, especially as we rise.

Information of the truest kind = light = energy, however not all information is of Light. This is where your discernment comes into play. Of course, we can binge watch something all day and there is no right or wrong in this, but when we become aware of the energy we carry within our subtle energy bodies, we will begin to develop an understanding of the subtle ways we feel depleted, lethargic, low vibrational and so on. So this really is about being mindful, not just what we are consuming but the amount of time we give to that consumption and when in our day we may open up that window of consumption. Every single decision and choice we make has an effect, so being aware of this can really prove to be a helpful guide to navigate a time where we are bombarded with information overload. Remember, we are the consumers, we are the one with the Power and we need not put the power of what we consume in the hands of 'others', we can curate our consumption based on our own ideals, intentions and wellbeing - this is how our consciousness will shift our realities and outcomes for the greater of ourselves and others. Again you are much more powerful as a centered being!

3. Check in with yourself regularly

I don't know about you, but I didn't grow up practicing putting my needs first or even being aware of what they are. When this is the case, you sort of sail through life, figuring out what your needs are as you go and most often it can come through painful experiences and learning teh hard way.

However, when you make it a regular practice of making time to pause and hand on heart, ask yourself, 'How am I feeling today? What do I need in this moment?' you are deepening your relationship with yourself, in a way that will have you realise and know that your wellbeing really does come first. In you taking care of you, it not only lends itself to an outpouring of wellness and love to all around you, but it creates for new and loving experiences to be made manifest into your life, based on the energy you are exuding!

Again, when you centre yourself on your own energy, without it having anything to do with another, you realise how you are the conductor of the symphony around you and truly do have the power to create new desired outcomes and realities from within you!

So checking in with yourself, is a form of deepened self love and self care for the benefit of your highest good and when it is of the highest good of you, naturally this ripples outwards and in turn is of the highest good of all involved.

The issue we as a society face with Self Love, is that it comes with a notion of being 'selfish' and for many of us, especially women, this comes with a deeper trauma that we are to come second, third and sometimes not even considered. The mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, lover, wives, spouses, companions in us do not believe being selfish is a 'good' trait to practice and so we can come up against resistance when practicing a deeper level of love for ourselves.

A deeper sense of self love looks like more than just giving yourself a lovely bubble bath and some yummy food, it is the practice of also choosing to give yourself your most valuable resource, your energy and with that a simple place to begin is to check in with yourself, your needs and feelings. This does entail choosing as often as you need to in your day, establishing a connection with your internal self, your heart and inner child, all with compassion for whatever may come up. Remember, to go gently with this one and it is all for the purposes of a happier you! You are worth it, you are deserving of it and you are good enough to come first for yourself!

4. Move your energy

This one is a more dynamic, tangible, practical and very grounded way of moving the energy within you. It is so vital for our life force and wellbeing to do so. We are not stagnant beings by nature, so when we slow down to our own needs and do not process or allow the energy (e-motions = energy in motion) to flow through and out, we are inadvertently keeping it all in and creating dis-ease.

When we begin to work with ourselves through the ways we naturally operate, we are directly taking our power back and not constantly relying on external reliances to keep us well and thriving.

Some of the ways I've found helpful during some of my lowest moments which continue to be incorporated into my everyday is singing, breathwork, exercise, intuitive dance and gentle walking, swimming/being in water. All of these seem like very simple things and in truth they are, but it can feel like the last thing you want to do when you are feeling low. However, choosing one and giving it to yourself out of the willingness to want to feel awake, alive and enhance the life force energy within us. Our love for our wellbeing has got to be greater than the pain or suffering we may be facing and that is possible if we open ourselves up to the notion that, there is some relief waiting for us on the side of movement.

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