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The Golden Hour

With Tarika Vara  

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The Golden Hour  

With Tarika Vara

Tarika shares her illuminations and is joined in conversation with many others on a similar path, opening doorways of thought and creating spaces for expansion in realm of Consciousness, Spirituality, heart awakenings, inner healing and Soul growth. 


The Golden Hour is a place that sparks a light and remembrance of the sacred mysteries within us and in the world, for the purposes of awakening hearts and expanding our consciousness as we progress on our journeys of being our True Sovreign Selves. At a time when many of us have heard the call to co create a world filled with being more of the Love we came here to bring forth through ourselves, the Golden Hour is a place of reflection, remembrance and re-alignment with the Soul being you are, no matter where you are on your journey. We become more golden as we surrender as human beings facing our shadows within to alchemise our deepest pains, into our greatest lessons of wisdom and likewise remember our Golden nature as we come home to our innate Spiritual essence.


The Golden Hour is a reflection of the Divine Human experience and beings we are through all the shares and illuminations here. It is my hope that these wisdom shares spark a light within your heart and Soul, so that you too can re-member your Golden Self. 

With so much love, 


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