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Golden Steel Plate

"As all Light weaves magick through the unseen realms. So too does your essence. You are the greatest Creator & Creatrix. Know your Light, know Thyself. You are The Golden One." 

- Tarika

Golden Steel Plate

Hi there and welcome! A little about me...


I'm Tarika and I was born, raised and educated in England. For my astrology enthusiasts, I'm a Leo 🌞, Scorpio 🌙 and Leo 🌅..with a lot of fire and spark, I love to create things for the pure joy and pleasure it can bring not just for me, but for those around me and my community. With my moon in Scorpio, I love to go deep on all the things I'm passionate about, especiallly facets of this human experience that can help bring grace and peace to our pain, turning our transformations into our greatest allies of Power and Wisdom.  For my Human Design buffs, I am a Generator, with a 2/4 profile and sacral leading authority, here to respond to life using my gut response and truly follow what lights me up! 💛


I moved to the golden deserts of Dubai 🏝️, UAE in 2012 and since then have created a beautiful sanctuary and home, soaking up all the magical energy this sacred land offers. ✨✨✨


As a free Spirit, travelling is part of my Soul journey in this this lifetime and has taken me all around the world and so a mantra I have found helps me to ground where I am, so I can bring more of Heaven on Earth is; "my home is a sacred foundation within myself" - I truly do believe our bodies are our temples and a reflection of the homes we create on Earth. It's taken me quite the ride to truly know and appreciate the physical form just as much as the intelligence and Light we each have. After all, we are each a physical manifestation of Spirit, making us Divine Human Beings by nature. 

The codes of remembrance of our Divinity can therefore be accessed within our bodies, through our Consciousness. I believe we are each here to truly embrace being Human and part of that is to know our own nature as Divine Beings, here to fully experience this life as YOU.   










































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As a true Generator, my journey thus far has been truly colourful and expansive, as I feel as far back as I can remember, I've always prided myself on following the beat of my own drum and tuning into my gut responses. For many of us, this kind of way of being is not really celebrated, but fortunately for me I have always had the freedom and support to choose what was right for me, despite the cultural conditioning and societal pressures I was sometimes exposed to. 


At the tender of 17, I started out as a TV presenter, fronting a music show. Performing and being on TV was a dream of mine since around 5 or 6 years old. My nickname growing up was 'TV', not just due to my appropriate initials, but mostly my non stop chatty nature that saw me become the source of entertainment and amusement amongst my family and friends. My love for being in front of the camera only grew and eventually led to me fronting a few prime time slots on a Legal News Show on satellite TV during the first fews of University. My love affair with TV continued on, as I then joined Guinness World Records, working as TV correspondent and judge travelling around the world weekly, viewing some crazy stunts, feats and mind blowing accomplishments.


I'd say it was here between the ages of 23 and 25, my world began to open up to my connection with the Spiritual realm even more deeply than before. My extra sensory abilities began to blossom whilst overseas, connecting with other like soul beings and Earth Angels or messengers. I became accustomed to communicating with my Angels, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel.  After a while of engaging in what seemed like another world,  I was confronted with a choice to continue down a path of illuminating the unseen realms or closing it all off to live a life I thought was expected of me. The fear of where it could all take me meant I shut myself away from all the Light within and this is where my time in Dubai began.


At the turn of 2012, I found myself in what I now know to be a land that awakens, teaches and ignites ones passion and path through great levels of assertion and transformation. Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know what it is like to know your magic, joy, Light and hear your Soul calling and somehow turn it all off and ignore it, stepping into the darkness of your conditioned mind to lead a life you 'think you must or should', in order to seek acceptance by others. This is a perpetuated cycle of suffering that does not serve anyone, least of all you, unless you are able to see what this is all teaching you. Ultimately, this led me to a place of greater understanding how vital Self Love is to my Soul and the message I'd like to share with you. Self Acceptance, Self Love and the relationship with Self is where all relationships emanate from. 


Fast forward and those 4 years where I refer to the 'lights being turned off', was a time where I got to experience the opposite of Joy, fulfilment and honouring the calls of my Soul, until I had enough. Often an awakening is spurred on by a breakdown and in my case this was very much what happened, except I like to refer to it as a breakthrough! So in 2016 my breakthrough came with full force, after years of burnout, abuse, inner torment and living a life of wearing too many masks and being 'in the Spiritual closest' so to speak, I released myself from the chains within my mind. I Let go and let God. 

Having gone through many dark nights of the Soul during deeper awakenings on my journey, I realised that the extent of a deeply conditioned mind, really is the tipping point with whether our journey of unfoldment is a graceful one or filled with resistance and suffering. 

The innate Power we hold resides within the heart portal and this I believe is where we can begin to the heal the wounds of our past, social conditioning and subconscious beliefs, that have held us back from being the Golden beings we are. 


Today, I focus my energy on cultivating a life of joy, following the nudges of what lights me up so that I may use my gifts and talents for the benefit and service of others. As a channeler of messages from Source Consciousness and Divine Inspiration through my blog; The Portal of Light and through my energy work as a Soul Guidance Facilitator and Spiritual Counselor, it is hugely important to me that I use the jewels of gold I have found in my challenges and share them with you, so that you too may turn your pain into Power, helping you on your transformational journey.


We are each here for a unique purpose and yet we all have one thing in common. We are Love at our very essence and the degree to which we know and believe this, directly impacts our experience whilst we are here. My journey has been one that has shown me the power of transformation on the Spiritual path of awakening and that it may be messy, but it need not be challenging, if we can each connect with our Hearts where Divine Love flows, we can know this mantra for ourselves...

 "I am Golden." 

What does ‘I AM The Golden Hour’ mean?

We are pure Light, Spirit manifested in physical form and thus the Golden Hour, that magical light we seek to replenish ourselves with, is not reserved for just early hours of the morning or when we feel at our best or most worthy. We are indeed The Bearers, Beings of Light which Spiritually speaking are always Whole, complete and utter Magic! We are the oracles, we are the Light which we seek, we are the Golden Ones.

TGH Logo .jpg

As we awaken to the power of our minds, the wisdom of our hearts and intuition, it is so integral to our wellbeing and part of this earthly experience to know what is at the centre of all of it. That is Spirit, Source, God, Light.


This is important as it is to know and feel into your essence, into your Spirit is to come into remembrance of your Divine Self. It is this larger part of you, that will carry you through the darker moments in life.


When we are awakening to opening our hearts and minds, we are undoubtedly opening ourselves to all the pain, past experiences and traumas that may be buried deep within. This is what it means to do the inner healing work of moving through your shadows, where all that is denied, repressed and suppressed is buried. It is just as important to face the darkness as we come to know our Light, for it is the dark that seeks the Light.

‘I AM The Golden Hour’ is therefore a decree and affirmation for us All.


It is way of remembering and activating your original essence and proclaiming your innate Inner Power out loud and for yourself. It is true, words carry weight, power and healing. With each sound, there is a frequency and that frequency carries an energy. That energy either uplifts or weighs down and with this, I hope wherever you find yourself on your journey, you feel the upliftment of this mantra, Golden One.


With all my Love, 

Tarika 🌹🌹🌹🤍🤍🤍

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