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Tarika's Story...

Thank you for stopping by The Golden Hour, here is a little more about me and my story. 

I was born in England and grew up in a hindu family, spending the first year of my life in Zambia.  Zambia, Zimbabwe,Kenya, India and England all add to my mixed cultural background which lends itself to my diverse and beautiful upbringing. I moved from Africa with my family to the idyllic garden of England (Kent), and it was here my deep love affair with nature, the outdoors, along with my connection to the Mysteries of the Rose medicine was well and truly seeded. 

From an early age, I was deeply connected to the unseen realms, where the hidden and subtle energies of the Divine communed through my inner knowing, intuition and my empathic abilities. I was incredibly imaginative, creative and connected to things I couldn't explain. I very much resonated as someone who came into this life knowing I was in the world, but not of it. The doors to the Divine opened even further for me and awakened me to my mediumship abilities after the passing of my grandfather at the age of 14. My spiritual awakening at this age was very much a closeted experience and so I sought guidance in my late teens with the help of family friends who were psychic channelers and mediums. Resonating as an Indigo child and remembering my star family during my formative years helped me to understand the unexplainable connection I had with the Cosmos beyond what we are taught to be true. Having galactic past life remembrances from an early age only amplified my calling and interest towards Astrology and the Cosmos. This was also the beginning of me keeping my Spiritual nature firmly in the closet, as I always felt a sense of not belonging. I would later learn, this was a huge part of my personal karmic journey to embark on and part of what awakened me to my psychic abilities and Soul gifts.

I started working as a TV as a presenter at 18 years of age, leading to further opportunities after University in the industry, such as working as a judge and adjudicator for Guinness World Records. This time was amongst the best years of my life and an incredible experience that enabled me to travel the world for several years. It was here that I began meeting more spiritually inclined people, mystics, guides and Earth angels. During this time, on my travels, I began to intuitvely hear, feel, sense and know my Spirit Guides and Angels were close with their loving assistance. 

 In 2012, at a time many refer to as "The Great Awakening", I had a very strong calling by the Divine to leave London and immigrate to Dubai. It was a sudden and strong message, one I had to honour. Feeling completely disconnected from working in TV, I entered the world of Events, pouring all my energy into creating a flourishing career for myself and eventually becoming a freelance Event Producer after 9 years of steady work in the region. I worked for some of the worlds most prominent brands, celebrities and managed some incredible events that the UAE had seen and yet I knew it was not my calling. Needless to say, it was during the first 4 years of my time in Dubai, whilst climbing the career ladder, that I became the most disconnected to my Soul I had ever been, experiencing burn out. On one hand I knew Dubai was a place I was called to, but the way in which I was living out of alignment with my soul and having been so disconnected from my inner voice and intuition, I was experiencing deep bouts of depression. On the outside I seemed to have it all and on the inside, I could feel the deep Soul cries growing with each passing day. This was my first experience with a prolonged Dark Night of the Soul.  


My Soul had always guided me through my intuition and I was beginning to realise the importance of honouring it and the consequences of not. The mask I was wearing guided by my ego, to protect myself in a world I thought wouldn't accept me as I was, meant I had suppressed the truth of myself for so long and yet, I had no idea who I was. 


Another huge Spiritual awakening followed and my path with my sacred Feminine began with the activation of my womb wisdom through light language, intuitive bhakti yoga, toning, chanting and deep Soul rememberings of Rose medicine as a priestess of this Soul path and lineage. Guided by Ascended masters, I was given information to help me along the way during a time of both deep Soul awakening and healing over the course of a long 5 year period in Dubai. Struggling with my mental health during many deaths and rebirths, I turned to Metaphysics and Spiritual counseling to better understand how to use my mind, tapping into Universal energy. I began to become aware of my past life traumas, wounds and fears connected to my Soul lineage and the more healing I allowed through me, the more I began to awaken my Soul gifts, self accepting exactly who I came here to be. My inner healing journey took me into the deepest parts of myself, my shadows and many many Dark Nights of the Soul, yet it was always the Divine that held me through it all, further initiating me to understand the true connection of love we are seeking is, the constant support of the unconditional Love of the Divine within. I am so very grateful for all the Karmic healing that took place during my time in Dubai and can see upon reflection, how the land connected to Mother Mary and her codes, nourished, supported and held me at a time of deep re-membering and Journeying into my Heart and Soul. I left Dubai after a 9 year karmic cycle finally came to a close. 

Over the last 4 years my work as a Metaphysics & Spiritual Counselor, Karmic Astrologer, Soul guide and channel have given me the tools I've needed to be able to journey into the deepest darkest depths of myself without getting completely lost in it all. It has been a process of becoming more of who I am, developing inner trust. My Soul path has provided me with much inner peace, healing and embodiment of my authentic self, piece by piece. The key to greater inner harmony is Self Acceptance which inevitably leads to deeper Self Love and compassion, coming home to more of the Wholeness we already are. 


I believe the most powerful thing we can do on the path of Soul reclamation, is to allow ourselves to be fully human. Accepting that piece by piece, day by day, we are already enough as we are, no matter how things may seem. 


In this next chapter of life, my expansive heart and Soul is settled in South Goa, Mother India, where I have been divinely guided to reclaim my sacred Shakti wisdom, uniting her with Shiva in sacred union within. It has been my deepest work yet to embody more of my inner mystic, oracle and sage embedded within my lineage and ancestry, living with the most joy and curiosity led by my inner child. This iteration of my life is all about being heaven on Earth. 

If you have found your way to The Golden Hour, I hope you have been able to take a little piece of sunshine for yourself that reminds you of a deeper Truth of your own Soul. 

Thank you for stopping by.  

Golden blessings to you, 

With Love,



If you would like to collaborate or connect further, feel free to contact me here.

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